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Межотраслевой бизнес-портал RusMarket представляет собой торгово-информационную систему, которая обеспечивает универсальную интеграцию информационных и аналитических ресурсов широкого круга коммерческих и государственных структур. Таким образом создается уникальная деловая среда, позволяющая наиболее эффективно использовать информационные возможности Интернет для развития Вашего бизнеса. В состав бизнес-портала RusMarket входит набор торгово-информационных сервисов, позволяющих решать такие повседневные деловые задачи, как: - маркетинг - сбыт - снабжение - получение бизнес-новостей и информации, аналитических и других материалов для принятия адекватных и оперативных решений в динамично развивающемся бизнес-сообществе. С помощью бизнес-портала RusMarket участники имеют возможность публиковать информацию о своей компании, продукции и услугах, производственных и финансовых возможностях и потребностях, а также быстро находить и оценивать аналогичную информацию других предприятий и организаций. Участники RusMarket имеют возможность напрямую общаться с потенциальными клиентами и партнерами и быстро согласовывать условия планируемой сделки.

250W Waterproof Wireless Software Controlled Cell Phone Jammer

The product that you are viewing is the Waterproof Wireless Software Controlled Cell Phone Jammer, which is developed specially for prisons and other large, sensitive facilities, such as military installations and government compounds. And as applying high technology this jamming system can be controlled remotely with activation and deactivation of the system is carried out only by using a Wireless Control Unit by Computer.

And apart fr om the above characteristic, this jammer device is constructed inside a special metal enclosure, incorporating an efficient "smart active" cooling system with incoming air filters, which enables the system to operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week continuously even in hot weather. And the secure design ensures that the prison inmates and unauthorized prison personnel cannot tamper with the safe and continuous operation of the system.

If you are looking for one just come here and pick up one. We will of course offer you the high quality jammer at the best price.

High power
Waterproof design
With a extreme hard metal enclosure
Shielding range can be regulated by the computer remotely
Alarming system design in case of equipment abnormal problem and people's sabotage, showed as below:
The computer makes an alarming sound and e-mail notification to the administrator

    a) RF line is artificially cut
    b) Equipment doors exception open
    c) Modules damaged.
Easy outdoor installation and remote controlled operation
Any computer with COM port can be available for the program software.
It can be controlled in real time including RF output power and separate module as well as all the jammer’s working status.
Specially designed shockproof ,Waterproof and RF shielded internal metal enclosure
Smart active cooling system enables unlimited continuous operation in very hot temperatures with fans design.
Module design based on high power RF amplifiers with VSWR and temperature self-protection technology.

At a Glance:
Each unit can jam up to five frequency bands simultaneously.
Continuous operation, even in hot climates, with no time lim it.
Secure design to avoid sabotage.
(VSWR) circuit protection to ensure system will not burn out should there be antenna short circuiting or disconnection
Antenna type options, directional or omni antennas option.
Controlled via a computer,
E-mail system.
Turn on/off the jammer via computer
Adjust the output power via computer.
Turn on/off the jammer module separately.
Special additional housing for all weather protection.
UPS and battery backup in case of mains power failure

Prisons and other large sensitive locations such as military or
governmental compounds. It can also use in Oil and Gas
Storage Facilities and fields, Security Services, Military Units,
Secret Services, Museums, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement,
Customs, etc.

Product Notes:
The shielding range of the device will be determined by the local signal strength. In different situation, it will be with different performance.
Please try to put the device in a higher position while it is working .Itwill be better. The suggested height is about 8M.  To avoid the loss of function of the device, please try to avoid the device placed on or the metal materials.
Do not turn on the power before the antennas is installed, If the antenna is not properly installed in accordance with the manuals, the shielding range will be not so good. Make sure the correct installation before turn on the power.

-CDMA800  850-894MHz
-GSM900  925-960MHz
-DCS1800  1805-1880MHz
-PCS1900 1930-1990MHz
Total Power:250W
Frequency Bands:Up to five bands
Power Supply:AC220V/ 110V    DC27-28V
Power Consumption:1000W
Shielding Radius:200-500M (Based on back ground signal strength<=-75dBm)
Net Weight:42KG

Omni directional antenna
Power supply cable
Case key,
RF cables

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Контактное лицо Grace
Должность: sales
E-mail: sales@jammergroup.com
Телефон: +86 (755) 33136038
Мобильный телефон: +86 () 15627456038


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